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How you benefit

Rewards for Spending

Every dollar spent earns points and rewards.

Rewards for Being Social

Earning points is as easy as liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram.

Rewards for Reviewing

Reviewing our products will also earn you Creator Points.

Celebrating You

On your birthday, its all about you.

How it works

There are lots of ways you can earn points!


Step 1 :Make a Purchase


Step 2 : Share the Love


Step 3 : Connect with Us

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Club Tiers


Everyone in the U.S. Art club starts off as a student. Just for signing up you will start with 200 Creator Points and for every dollar spent will earn 5 points


Hitting 850 Creator Points in the club will land you in the Apprentice tier and a 10% off coupon. On top of all of that you will earn 6 points for every dollar spent and earn 10 extra points for every action you do.


Reaching 1600 Creator Points will earn you the Master Tier. When you become a Master, you will earn a 20% off coupon, 7 points for every dollar spent and even more points for completing actions. 

Points Per Dollar Spent567
Celebrate a Birthday500500500
Instagram Follow505050
Facebook Like505050
Facebook Share (1 per month)506070
Review a Product (1 per week)100110120
Product Photo Review (1 per week)150160170
Product Video Review (1 per week)200210220